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    The game has begun! Place your bets!

    Round hash: 16909ed26f1bf78a3026076631d0062f341c1bb9188236ea591a5d54

    Jay305Twelvea minute ago

    wow someone is online

    Jay305Twelve2 minutes ago

    I want to buy a mansion

    Jay305Twelve3 minutes ago

    29 people on and no ones chatting???

    Jay305Twelve5 minutes ago

    Cmon seriously, no one?


    What is OKBets?

    OKBets is a site where you can wager both OKCash and Bitcoin in jackpots and regular dice!

    What is OKCash?

    You can watch this video tutorial on what OKCash actually is!

    How can I buy OKCash?

    You can currently buy OKCash on bittrex and a couple of other exchanges!

    How can I trust that the rolls were done fairly?

    Our bets are provably fair! Bitcoin dice bets are proven by MoneyPot and the OKCash bets have their own provably fair system, read more on that here!

    How do I play?

    First you will need to create an account and fund it with OKCash or Bitcoin, then head over to either the jackpot or Dice, put in your settings and hit the Bet button!

    Where do I get an account?

    You can create a MoneyPot account at MoneyPot and then login with that account to OKBets

    Am I allowed to have multiple accounts?

    You may only have one account per household, having multiple could end up in losing your rights to the OKCash faucet and rains

    Can I play for free?

    You most certainly can! If you hit the "Request Faucet" button in the balances tab then you will get some free OKCash to play with!

    What does this faucet level mean?

    Your faucet level means how much OK you will get from the faucet, this level is determined by your betting statistics!

    How much OK do I get per level??

    Faucet levels

    Level OK per faucet faucets per day
    00 0.02 10
    01 0.05 15
    05 0.05 20
    10 0.10 25
    15 0.10 30
    20 0.10 35
    25 0.20 40
    30 0.20 45
    35 0.20 50
    40 0.50 50
    45 1.00
    50 1.00

    What is the minimum bet?

    The minimum bet for dice is 0.01 OKCash and 0.000001 Bitcoin, for the jackpot its 0.1 OK and 0.000001 Bitcoin

    Is there some sort of referral program?

    Ofcourse there is! Head over to the balanced tab and grab your referral link! If you can't see it then try refreshing the page!

    How much do I earn per referral?

    You will earn 10% of the house edge from everyone you refer to this site using your link!

    How do I deposit Bitcoin and/or OKCash?

    You can deposit Bitcoin and OKCash by pressing the "Deposit" button in the top left of the site!

    What's the average time it takes for a withdrawal?

    For Bitcoins it averages around 30-40 minutes and for OKCash it averages around 5-6 minutes before the coins are spendable!

    Where can I get support with issues?

    You can ask any Moderator or Admin on the site for support, alternatively you could join either the OKCash discord or the Bitcoin Gamble Talk discord to ask questions!

    How can I see if someone is a Moderator or Admin?

    You can see if someone is a Moderator or Admin by the color of their name in chat, green name means the person is a Moderator and red means the person is an Admin!


    Your personal deposit address is

    Deposits are credited after 6 confirmations, this usually takes around 5 minutes


    OKCash address
    Amount (Min 1 OK)
    Withdraw Your withdrawal will be sent immediately if the hot wallet allows it, otherwise it might turn into pending in which case it can take up to 24 hours to process. Your withdrawal will also have 1 OK subtracted to cover the transaction fee.